Time has no time

Time has no time

EVOLVE-ndo: a concept that aims to protect the beauty of today in order to share it tomorrow.
It represents a sublimation of the reasearch and development activity of a leading group in the study and production of innovative ingredients with a strong application traction.

Nowadays everything is running very fast, and so does the cosmetic universe which constantly raises the bar of the requests in order to obtain safe, performing, original and environmentally friendly products. All this in a very short time.
A world that asks for the moon,.. isn’t it?

You will be amazed, but EVOLVE-ndo responds to all these needs of a constantly evolving market, which demands a lot from a world that wants everything immediately and that we have a duty to protect.

EVOLVE-ndo is synonymous with MAXIMALISM: the ability to simplify without losing any quality.
Yes, because we all know that, today more than ever, “less is more”.
Where “less” corresponds to: less time, less production phases, less energy, less ingredients;
and “more” to: more quality, more transparency, more clean beauty, more proximity to the market, more performance.

If you combine this immediate, simple, totally sustainable and high quality innovation with the possibility of being able to customize the finished product with the addition of your final touch, what more can you ask to fully enjoy your tomorrow?

So choose well, buy better, make it last.